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Barbara Hartz-Bentrup fh

t 0421 346 77 09

degree in landscape architecture
from the college of applied sciences
anhalt, germany
apprenticeship in the firm peter latz

managing firm associate
independent broker
employed broker
education as insurance broker

Brenda Eubank-Ahrens
master of fine arts

t 0421 34 59 38

practicing landscape designer
employment in planning firms
lecturer at the college of applied
sciences osnabrück, germany
assistant professor technical university of berlin, germany
research assistant technical university braunschweig, germany

bachelors degree in fine arts
masters degree in urban design
carnegie-mellon university
pennsylvania, U.S.A.

Ute  Rößler
dipl. ing.

T 0421 – 790 19 52

free-lance landscape architect
licensed landscape architect in Bremen
communication training
employment in landscape architecture offices
graduate of landscape and open space planning,
university of Hannover
apprenticeship in landscape construction